ML Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Percentage Exercise 7.2 in Chapter 7 - Percentage

Question 12 Percentage Exercise 7.2

A dealer bought a number of eggs at ₹ 18 a dozen and sold them at 50% profit. Find the selling price

per egg.


It is given that

C.P. of one dozen eggs = 12 eggs = ₹ 18

Profit = 15%

We know that

S.P. of 12 eggs = [1 + 50/ 100] of ₹ 18

It can be written as

= (150/100 × 18)

By further calculation

= (3/2 × 18)

So we get

= 3 × 9

= ₹ 27

S.P. of 1 egg = ₹ 27/12

So we get

= ₹ 9/4

= ₹ 2.25

Video transcript
hello everybody welcome to lido learning channel my name is rajna chaudhary and we are solving the question it is a dealer bought a number of eggs at rupees 18 a dozen and sold them at 50 profit find the selling price per egg so he bought a dozen of egg for rupees 18 and we have to find the selling price but per egg so let's calculate the selling price per uh dozen first of all and then we will find per ag so a cp is given cp of 12x is equal to rupees 18. now uh profit is given as 15 now we know that profit is always calculated on a cost price so profit in rupees would be 15 percent of rupees 18 so 15 okay i'm sorry it is 50 percent so 50 percent of rupees 18 so 50 percent we know half of rupees 18 or we can calculate it also like this way so after calculation we would have rupees 9 so profit was rupees 9 now we have to calculate selling price so selling price we always know that selling price is cost price plus profit so cost price is rupees 18 profit is rupees 9 so selling price we have as rupees 27 so this is the selling price for one dozen egg selling price for one dozen eggs but we have to find selling price for a per egg so if selling price of 12 eggs is rupees 27 so selling price of 1 egg would be 27 divided by 12. so after solving after simplification by 3 3 is a common factor we have 9 upon 4 and then by further simplification converting it into decimal we have 2.25 so this is the selling price for per egg so i hope you understand this method see you in my next video don't forget to like share and subscribe the channel thank you for watching
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