NCERT Class 9 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 4 - Chapter-4 In the Kingdom of Fools .

Question 6 Think about it
  1. How does the guru mange to save his disciple’s life?

The guru tells the king that he wants to get executed first. Surprised at the wish of getting executed, the king expresses his desire to know the reason.

The guru responds that that stake is the stake of the God of justice. It’s new, it has never had a criminal on it. So, whoever dies on it first will be reborn as the king of this country, and whoever goes next will be the future minister of this country.

The foolish king wants to avail this opportunity. He tells his minister that they should not let their kingdom go into hands of others in the next life. They decide to go on the stake themselves thinking that they would be reborn as the king and the minister of the kingdom. They release the guru and the disciple. That’s how the guru manages to save his disciple’s life.

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