NCERT Class 9 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 4 - Chapter-4 In the Kingdom of Fools .

Question 3 Think about it
  1. Name all the people who are tried in the king’s court, and give the reasons for their trial.

The people who are tried in the king’s court are: the merchant, the bricklayer, the dancing girl, and the goldsmith. Ther merchant got tried twice in the court. Once at the very beginning and finally towards the end.

The merchant was tried because the burglar died when the wall of the merchant’s house fell on him.

The bricklayer was tried because he was the one who built the wall so weak that it fell upon and killed the burglar.

The dancing girl was tried because she distracted the bricklayer by walking up and down on the road with jingling anklets while he was building up the wall.

The goldsmith was tried because he did not complete the jewelry orders given by the dancing girl and that’s why she had to go numerous times to check if the order was ready.

The merchant was tried again because the goldsmith could not work on the dancing girl’s orders as he was completely occupied with the jewelry order of the merchant’s father. As the merchant’s father was dead, the merchant was the one to be punished.

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