NCERT Class 8 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 3 - Chapter-3 The Selfish Giant

Question 11 Think about it
  1. Describe their second meeting after a long interval.

Their second meeting took place after a long interval; on a winter morning. The Giant was surprised to see that in the farthest corner of the garden, there was a tree covered with lovely white blossoms. Its branches were golden, and silver fruit hung down from them. The little boy stood underneath it. The Giant went towards him in great joy. As he came near the child, his face grew red with anger when he saw that there were imprints of nails on his palms and feet. The Giant asked the little boy who had wounded him, and told him that he would slay the one who had done so. The child answered that those were the wounds of love. Kneeling before the little child in awe, the Giant asked him who he was. The child smiled at the Giant, and said that since the Giant had let him play once in his garden, that day he had come to take the Giant to his garden, which was paradise.

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