NCERT Class 8 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 2 - Chapter-2 Children At Work

Question 19 Think about it
  1. What one throws away as waste may be valuable to others. Do you find this sentence meaningful in the context of this story? How?

Yes, this story shows that what one throws away as waste might be valuable to others. People throw away empty bottles, papers and broken glasses as waste because these items are not of use for them. Jaya and other children like her collect these items and other such things and earn a living by selling these to others. People throw away food that is extra or has gone rotten. At weddings, a lot of food is wasted and goes to the garbage bins. These poor children eat from the bins and satisfy their hunger. The vivid picture of the slum sketched in the story proves the same. The huts were basically made out of scrap but were enough to provide shelter. The old shoes and tattered clothes that people throw after use are of a big help to poor people such as these children. In the story, Velu’s feet were burning because of excessive heat. Jaya gave him an old pair of shoes, which did not have laces, so that his feet were somehow protected.

We can say that this story shows in more ways than one that what one throws away as waste may be valuable to others.

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