NCERT Class 8 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 2 - Chapter-2 Children At Work

Question 18 Think about it
  1. Do you think Jaya is a brave and sensitive child with a sense of humour? Find instances of her courage, kind nature and humour in the text.

Yes, Jaya was a brave and sensitive child with a good sense of humour. She was of the same age as Velu and worked as a rag-picker and knew well how to survive in the city. She knew all the roads across the city and was also aware where she can find food to eat. However, when she met Velu in the railway station, she roamed about the city with him by collecting glass, paper and bottles and also got him some food to eat from a garbage bin behind a wedding hall. She tried to help him in all possible ways and told him to join her in rag-picking work. She gave him a pair of old shoes without laces and pushed a sack and a stick into his hands. However, we also notice that she has a humorous nature when she asks Velu if he had come at Chennai to become a rich person. She also helps him to cross the busy streets and told him that if he continues to stand still in the middle of the road like that, he would get run over by the huge vehicles unnecessarily.

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