NCERT Class 8 English Solutions for Exercise Think about it in Chapter 1 - Chapter-1 How the Camel Got His Hump

Question 9 Think about it
  1. “...he has never yet learnt to behave”. In the light of this, what is the writer’s opinion about the camel?

As per the writer, the camel is a very lazy animal who loves sitting idle and is unwilling to work. All day he would spend eating sticks, thorns and prickles. However, after he got his hump, the Djinn asked him to go out of the desert and help the other three animals – horse, ox and dog and also behave like others while working. It was due to his laziness that he missed performing the tasks of three days. The Djinn told him that his hump would help him to store food and use the energy derived from it without eating food. It would also help him to finish the pending work and that he would continue carrying the hump and living in the desert forever.

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