Selina Solutions Class 9 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise Number Problems in Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Study Of Gas Laws

Question 1 Number Problems

What will be the minimum pressure required to compress 500 dm3 of air at 1 bar to 200 dm3 temperature

remaining constant.


V1 = 500 dm3

P1 = 1 bar

T1 = 273 K

V2 = 200 dm3

T2 = 273 K

P2= ?

P1V1 = P2V2

T1 T2

500x1 = P2 x 200

273 273

P2= 500


= 2.5 bar

Video transcript
"hey kids i am mansi from leader learning today we are going to do this numerical which will be of a great use to you now what will be the minimum pressure required to compress 500 dm cube which is decimeter cube of air at 1 bar to 200 decimeter cube temperature remaining constant here we have to find the pressure and we know by the formula that p1 into v1 which is pressure of pressure volume upon temperature is equal to p2 v2 upon t2 now now by this formula pressure 1 is said to be 1 bar while volume 1 is said to be 500. t1 is said to be 273 which is the standard one now p2 we have to find v2 is given as 200 and t2 is also 273 we have to take a note here that units are same hence there is no requirement of any conversions we'll simply find p2 by cross multiplication and we'll get the answer as 2.5 bar hence p2 is 2.5 bar i hope you found this video useful for more videos like these subscribe to our channel and if you have any questions drop them down in the comment section bye bye "
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