Selina Solutions Class 9 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise 6D in Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Study Of The First Element Hydrogen

Question 10 Exercise 6D

(a) Helium is preferred to hydrogen for filling balloons because it is

(i) lighter than air (ii) almost as light as hydrogen (iii) non-combustible (iv) inflammable

(b) Reacting with water, an active metal produces

(i) oxygen

(ii) nitric acid

(iii) a base

(iv) none of these.

(c) A metal oxide that is reduced by hydrogen is

(i) A12O3

(ii) CuO

(iii) Cao

(iv) Na2O

(d) Which of the following statements about hydrogen is incorrect `?

(i) It is an inflammable


(ii) It is the lightest gas.

(iii) It is not easily liquefied.

(iv) It is a strong oxidizing agent.

(e) For the reaction PbO + H2 → Pb + H2O, which of the following statements is wrong?

i) H2 is the reducing agent. (ii) PbO is the oxidizing agent. (iii) PbO is oxidized to Pb (iv) H2 is oxidized to


f) Which metal gives hydrogen with all of the following: water, acids, alkalis?

(i) Fe

(ii) Zn

(iii) Mg

(iv) Pb

(g) Which of the following metals does not give hydrogen with acids?

(i) Iron (ii) Copper

(iii) Magnesium (iv) Zinc


a. non-combustible

b. base

c. CuO

d. It is a strong oxidizing agent.

e. (iii) PbO is oxidized to Pb.

f. (ii) Zn

g. (ii) Cu

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