Selina Solutions Class 9 Chemistry Solutions for Exercise 3B in Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Water

Question 2 Exercise 3B

a) If you are given some copper sulphate crystals, how would you proceed to prepare its saturated solution at room temperature?

b) How can you show that your solution is really saturated?


a) Take 100 g of distilled water in a beaker. To this add one gram of copper sulphate crystals.

Stir this mixture with the help of a glass rod and dissolve copper sulphate crystals. Similarly, go on dissolving

more of copper sulphate, (1 gram) at a time with constant and vigorous stirring. A stage is reached when no more copper sulphate dissolves. It is called a saturated solution at this temperature.

b) Take this saturated solution of copper sulphate some solution in a test tube and add some copper sulphate

crystals. The crystals do not dissolve but settle down, which indicates that the solution is saturated.

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