Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 6 - Seeds: Structure And Germination

Question 6 Exercise

Arrange the following set of terms in order, so as to be in logical sequence. Rewrite the correct order.

(a) Embryo, 1st male gamete, zygote, egg cell, micropyle.

(b) Zygote, embryo, seed, allogamy, fusion of gametes.

(c) Seed coat bursts, hypocotyl elongates, radicle grows downwards, hypocotyl forms loop above the soil, epicotyl elongates.


(a) Micropyle, 1st male gametes, egg cell, zygote, embryo.

(b) Allogamy, fusion of gametes, zygote, embryo, seed.

(c) Seed coat bursts, radicle grows downwards, hypocotyls from loop above the soil, epicotyl elongate

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