Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Pollination And Fertilization

Question 7 Exercise

Match the items in column A with those in Column B.

Column A Column B (a) Generative nucleus (i) Pollen tube (b) Germ pore (ii) Endosperm nucleus (c) Exine (iii) Testa (d) Secondary nucleus (iv) Fertlization (e) Integument (v) Male nuclei (f) Egg nucleus (vi) Rough


Column A Column B (a) Generative nucleus Male nuclei (b) Germ pore Pollen tube (c) Exine Rough (d) Secondary nucleus endosperm nucleus (e) Integument Testa (f) Egg nucleus Fertilization

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to lido and this is priya and here we have a very interesting question and let us look into the question now match the items in column a with those in column b so in the column a we have these options a b c d e f and in column b we have one two three four five six so let us try to match this questions now so coming to the first option generator nucleus so generate a nucleus is a type of male nuclei present in a pollen grain so the first answer is five germ pore junk pore is also is a present in a pollen tube so jump or helps in the formation of pollen tube so the answer for jam 4 is one and egg sign excine is a outer layer of pollen grain so it will be rough the pollen grain is protected by the egg sign which is a rough layer this will matches to sixth which is rough secondary nucleus is the thing which produces the endosperm nucleus this endosperm nucleus will later forms into endosperm which acts like a nutrient for the seed to grow well and this e is an integument which is a part of ovule so in the ovule if this integument matches to c which is tester and egg nucleus involves in the fertilization process so this matches to fertilization so the answer for this matching is five one six two three and four hope you understand this video if you like the video please subscribe to our leader channel and if you have any doubts you can keep a message in comment box thank you "
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