Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Pollination And Fertilization

Question 2 Exercise

Complete the following statements: (i) Pollination is the process of transfer of _____________ (ii) The two kinds of pollination are ________ and __________ (iii) For self-pollination the flowers need not be ___________ and showy. (iv) For self-pollination, _______ and ________ must mature at the same time. (v) Self-pollination does not yield _________ varieties. (vi) In __________ pollination there is much wastage of ____________.


(i) Pollen grains (ii) Cross-pollination and self-pollination (iii) Large (iv) Stamens, carpels (v) New (vi) Cross, pollen

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to lido this is priya and here we have a question about pollination let us look into the question now complete the following statements one pollination is a process of transfer of dash pollination means it's a transfer of pollen grains so what is pollination it's a transfer of fallen grain next the two kinds of pollination are dash and dash so the two kinds of pollination are one is self pollination and the other one is cross pollination so there are two types of pollination self pollination and cross pollination and the third question for self pollination the flowers need not to be dash and showy so for the self pollination there is no need of any carriers like insects are those those are not needed for pollination so the flowers need not to be large and showy and for self pollination dash and dash must mature at the same time so for self pollination the flower has the two reproductive parts which are stamen and carpels so stamen and carpals have must be matured at the same time self-pollination does not yield dash varieties so for this our answer is new varieties cannot be yielded by the self pollination because self pollination is within this plant itself the pollination takes place and we cannot expect a new variety of plant or in the self foreign nation and sixth one in dash pollination there must there is much much waste is of dash so in cross pollination in cross pollination there is much wastage of pollen grains because pollen greens has to be definitely has to fall on the stigma but this will not happens during the cross pollination so the plant the flower produces more pollen greens where the cross pollination takes place because there will be a lot of wastage in cross pollination hope you understand this video if you like my video please subscribe to our leader channel and if you have any doubts you can keep a message in comment box thank you"
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