Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Pollination And Fertilization

Question 16 Exercise

What is the function of the pollen tube? Explain it with the help of a diagram


Selina Solutions CONCISE Biology - Class 9 ICSE chapter Pollination And Fertilization Question 16 Solution imageSelina Solutions CONCISE Biology - Class 9 ICSE chapter Pollination And Fertilization Question 16 Solution imageThe pollen tube emerges out of the pollen grains by breaking through its exine, growing from the style and stigma as a result of dissolving the tissues brought about by the enzymes, finally reaching the ovary. Here, it makes way to the ovule via the micropyle – a small pore.

Video transcript
"hello everyone welcome to little this is priya and here we have a question about pollen cream let us look into the question what is the function of the pollen tube explain it with the help of a diagram so this is a pollen grain this is a structure of pollen grain and this is a structure of pollen grain once it has germinated and formed a pollen tube and i will explain you what is the use of this fallen tube once when these pollen grain has started to germinate it has before that we have to look into the structure of this fallen grain the pollen grain has outer surface which is called exign inner layer which is called enzyme and it has two nucleus the first nucleus which helps in production of this following tube is tube nucleus and the other nucleus is a generative nucleus which will produces two male gametes and this on the outer outer surface of the pollen grain it has a germ pore through which the pollen grain starts to germinate and for the germination of fallen green the tube nucleus is useful because tube nucleus helps in germination of pollen grain and also it helps in formation of pollen tube so here you can see from this pollen nuclei pollen tube as arising and going towards the ovary and this pollen tube is formed because of this because of this tube nucleus and this tube nucleus shows the direction how the pollen tube has to move and back of it the generator nucleus will start to move and in between it forms into two male gametes are the sperms two male gametes and these male gametes will follow the pollen tube and once it reaches the ovary this is the oval structure of ovule having the seven cells inside it this is a way how the pollen tube enters into the egg and once this pollen tube enters into this ovule at the micropile fallen tube nucleus disintegrates and the two male gametes which are which has followed the pollen tube will enter into this ovule through the micropile into synergies here one of the male clemate fuses with egg and forms a zygote so here one male gamete fuses and forms a zygote and other male gamete will fuses with the second poly polar nuclei and forms a endosperm and this forms endosperm which later the embryo takes nutrition from this endosperm because of two fertilizations are taking place inside this ovule we call this fertilization as double fertilization so in this way the pollen chips helps the male gametes to reach the ovule and get fertilized hope you understand this video if you like my video please subscribe to our leader channel and if you have any doubts you can keep a message in comment box thank you"
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