Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 5 - Pollination And Fertilization

Question 10 Exercise

Give one word/term for the following:

(a) A flower containing both male and female parts

(b) Arrangement of flowers on a twig/stem

(c) When pollen grains of a flower reach the stigma of the same flower

(d) When maturation time of reproductive parts in a flower is different.

(e) When stigma and anthers do not grow up to same height, which favours only crosspollination?

(f) Pollination of flowers by insects

(g) Pollination of flowers by birds.


(a) Bisexual flower (b) Inflorescence (c) Autogamy/self-pollination (d) Dichogamy (e) Heterostyly (f) Entomophily (g) Ornithophily

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