Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 16 - Diseases: Cause and Control

Question 6 Exercise

(a) Category of pathogen that causes diseases, like common cold and mumps ________ (b) The vaccine for preventing tuberculosis ________ (c) An organ usually affected by tuberculosis ________ (d) A disease that weakens body’s defense system against infections ________ (e) Germ of germ-substance introduced into the body to prevent occurrence of an infectious disease ________ (f) The vector responsible for transmission of sleeping sickness ________ (g) The microorganism that requires a host to produce________ (h) The popular name of the disease Filiariasis ________


(a) Viruses (b) BCG (c) Lungs (d) AIDS (e) Vaccine (f) Tsetse fly (g) Virus (h) Elephantiasis

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