Selina Solutions Class 9 Biology Solutions for Exercise in Chapter 1 - Introducing Biology

Question 7 Exercise

A farmer and a housewife may have never studied biology, yet both of them know some of its general principles through experience. State any two principles which they know.


Housewives have a good knowledge of grocery – vegetables, millets, grains, fruits etc. They have an idea of the time taken to grow these crops and also about the nutritional benefits of various crops. She can suggest first hand treatment for simple cold, cough and other mild mishaps.

Although a farmer may have never studied the subject biology, he still has knowledge of crop production which is a science in itself. Right from selecting germfree seeds to sow, act of ploughing, crop plantation, using fertilizers, irrigation and its types, crop harvesting, cross-breeding with other plants, weed removal, etc, they have knowledge of basic biological concepts.

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