Selina Solutions Class 8 Biology Solutions for Exercise Long Answer Questions (LA) in Chapter 7 - Nervous System

Question 5 Long Answer Questions (LA)

Q5) Describe three kinds of nerves, giving the example of each.


Solution :

A nerve is formed of a bundle of axons (nerve fibres) enclosed in a tubular medullary sheath.This sheath over the axon acts like an insulation and prevents mixing of impulses in the adjacent fibres.

Selina Solutions CONCISE Biology - Class 8 ICSE chapter Nervous System Question 5 Solution image

There are three kinds of nerves as described below:

  1. Sensory nerve: It contains only sensory neurons,it brings impulses from sense organs as these have sensory fibres.e.g.optic nerve of the eye.
  2. Motor nerve: It contains only motor neurons,these carry impulses to muscles or glands from the brain or spinal cord. e.g.nerves going to the muscles of the eyeball.
  3. Mixed nerve:It is the one which carries both sensory and motor neurons,e.g.the nerve which goes to the tongue.
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