Selina Solutions Class 8 Biology Solutions for Exercise Long Answer Questions (LA) in Chapter 7 - Nervous System

Question 2 Long Answer Questions (LA)

Q2) Briefly describe the structure of th cerebrum in human brain and mention its function .


Solution :

Brain consists of three main parts and lies in the cranial cavity of the skull.

  1. The cerebrum

  2. The cerebellum

  3. The medulla oblongata


Cerebrum is the largest portion of the brain.It is divided into two(right and left) halves called the cerebral hemispheres. Their outer surface is folded with ridges and grooves.Each hemisphere is internally hollow.Their walls have an outer and an inner portion.The outer portion contains cell bodies of the neurons and is called grey matter.It accommodates a large number of neurons (human cerebrum contains about 9 billion neurons).The inner portion of the cerebrum mainly consists of axons and is called white matter.


  1. Iintelligence,consciousness and will power.It controls all voluntary activities.

  2. Cerebrum helps in balancing the body and maintaining a proper posture.

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