Selina Solutions Class 8 Biology Solutions for Exercise Long Answer Questions (LA) in Chapter 7 - Nervous System

Question 1 Long Answer Questions (LA)

Q1) With the help of a suitable diagram describe the structures of a neuron .


Solution :

The nervous is made up of specialized cells called nerve cells or neurons.

A neurons have three parts; cell body(soma/ cyton), Axon, Dendrite.

Selina Solutions CONCISE Biology - Class 8 ICSE chapter Nervous System Question 1 Solution image

Axons are tube like structures originating from the cell body. They help in transmission of electrical impulses.

Thay neuron also consist of a cell body like other cells which consist of nucleus and other cellular components.

The dendrites helps in transmission of the nerve impulse from one neuron to other.

A nerve impulse is transmitted from one neuron to another neuron when the dendrite of a neuron receives the nerve impulse from the axon terminal of the previous neuron.

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