Selina Solutions Class 7 Biology Solutions for Exercise Long Answer Questions (LA) in Chapter 2 - Classification of Plants

Question 2 Long Answer Questions (LA)

Q2) Briefly explain four types of bacteria on basis of their shape.


Solution :

There are four common forms of bacteria-coccus,bacillus,spirillum and vibrio.

  1. Coccus form:- These are spherical bacteria.Streptococcus pneumonaie, the bacterium that causes pneumonia in human beings,is a coccus bacterium.

  2. Bacillus form:- These are rod-shaped bacteria.They occur singly as well as in long chains.

  3. Spirilla form:- These are spiral-shaped bacteria that occur singly.

  4. Vibrio form:- These are comma-shaped bacteria.Vibrio cholerae,which causes cholera,is one such bacterium.

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