Selina Solutions Class 6 Biology Solutions for Exercise Short Answer Questions (SA) in Chapter 8 - Habitat and adaptation

Question 8 Short Answer Questions (SA)

Q8) List the environmental factors that influence a habitat.



Air, water, climatic conditions, temperature, plants, animals living in that area all affect the habitat.For example: Organisms living in a desert are adapted with specific characteristic like the plants have leaves modified into spines to prevent excessive loss of water.

Video transcript
"Hello friends, this is Neha and I welcome you to today's online session today. We'll be looking at the following question list and Vibrance of access at the influence of habitat. So in this case, we have to list the environment for Fox at least at influence a habitat. So what is habit and habit have it hard to get exactly the environment in We live and with big bro. So what we have to list the environmental factors that influences habitat, so basically Are water The climatic conditions Basically, the temperature plants all around us animals. Also the awesome of environmental factors that influence the habitat know how to build influence the habitat. Let's take a look at an example here in this example. We will be looking at example of a desert regions of desert the adapter with specific light. Where is all know that day Is a very scarcity of water. In desert peaches. So the scarcity of water plants have leave with a modified it is spice. So these are fines and fights on a they are modified so that they can prevent excessive loss of water. So this is how the air is a modification explains. In order to survive in the environment. This is how we approach this question. Hope you understood the solution is if you have any doubts And subscribe to this channel for regular updates. "
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