Selina Solutions Class 6 Biology Solutions for Exercise Short Answer Questions (SA) in Chapter 8 - Habitat and adaptation

Question 4 Short Answer Questions (SA)

Q4) Describe the aerial adaptations in birds.



Adaptations in aerial animals:

  1. Their body is streamlined. This shape provides little resistance during flight.
  2. Forelimbs are modified into wings and hindlimbs are shifted forward to balance their body weight.
  3. Flight muscles are present to provide additional strength during the flight.
  4. All birds have a light body as the bones are hollow and have air cavities. Their bones do not have bone marrow.
Video transcript
Hello students, this is Neha and I welcome you to online homework solving session today we will look at the following Question: the question says to describe the aerial Adapted in words in this question, we have to tell what is the adaptation in birds? which makes them fly that is aerial adaptation inboards so the aerial adaptation in word look at the structure of the board here When I look at the structure of the bird Here I can see that the body is like a boat here when I look at the bird structure here the body is a boat or a spindle shape Okay, so here I can say the body is boat or spindle shape and as the body is brought or the spindle shape I can say actually the body is streamlined now how does this help streamlined body helps as it provides little resistance during flight that is when they fly they face very little resistance, this is the first the part looks at the second part here in this, we can see wings so there is no presence of four limbs so the four limbs here are modified into wings so the four limbs are modified into wings and the hitch limbs the hint limbs have shifted a bit forward so that proper balance can be maintained of their body weight so these are the two modifications one more when I look into this we have flight muscles so that additional strength can be provided during the flight additional strength during the flight that is when they fly additional strength can be provided and next when I look at the bones see even the birds that fly it is very important. that the bones are of less weight so they have pneumatic bones now what is pneumatic bones this all birds have a light body as they both are hollow and they have an air cavity in it and these bones do not have their own narrow so this is how we approach this question. if you have any questions, drop me a comment. below and subscribe to this channel for regular updates thank you
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