Selina Solutions Class 6 Biology Solutions for Exercise Short Answer Questions (SA) in Chapter 8 - Habitat and adaptation

Question 3 Short Answer Questions (SA)

Q3) Describe any two adaptations seen in desert plants.



  1. Leaves are reduced into spines to prevent loss of water from the surface of leaves. Stomata are less in number and sunken.
  2. Both leaves and stems have a thick waxy coating to prevent loss of water in hot weather.
  3. The stem becomes green to take up the function of leaves.
Video transcript
"Hello friends, this is Neha and I welcome you to leaders online homework solving session today. We'll be looking at the following question. The question says describe any to an adaptation seen in desert towards so friends in this question. We have to describe any to adapt Asians that is basically seen in desert plant. So in deserts, we all know that there is scarcity of waters. So first adaptation which we see them is that you Beeps already used to spines. And why does this happen in order to prevent the loss of water? From the surface of leaves even in this is the storm at has are less in number and they are suckin second adaptation features, which we see is both the stems. The stems and the leaves have a thick waxing. So this thick waxy coating how does it helps this thick waxy coating actually prevents the loss of water in hot weather. So the first adaptation features as you can see, these are spines so leave the reduce until spines and here we have thick waxy coating which we all can see in the second image even You're the stem. It becomes green. So that it can take up the function of the leaf. So these are the adaptation features which are seen in the desert plants. If you have any questions drop a comment below and subscribe to this channel for regular updates. Thank you. "
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