Selina Solutions Class 6 Biology Solutions for Exercise Short Answer Questions (SA) in Chapter 8 - Habitat and adaptation

Question 11 Short Answer Questions (SA)

Q11) Name two types of terrestrial habitats with low temperature.



Polar habitat: Polar habitats are located at the two poles of the Earth. They are cold, windy and have a lot of snow and ice. It's even too cold for trees to grow. Tundra takes up a lot of the area of polar habitats

Mountain habitat: On a mountain, the temperature changes rapidly and increases as elevation increases. As temperatures get colder, tree species change, and then become scarcer before disappearing entirely. At the top there may be nothing but snow and ice. But even these landscapes are home to a diverse array of plants and animals adapted for that environment.

Video transcript
"Hello friends welcome Toledo's online form of solving session, this is Dana and today we'll be looking at the following question question says name it two types of terrorists real habit not to slow temperature. So here we have to name any two types of terrestrial habitats instill peace one which plants and animals that live on land. So we have to name a t to tell still have a bit more quickly. The pictures look for said look at the mountain habitat, so I'm also so basically the temperature is changing rapidly and it became smoke old as we go up that is as the elevation. Increases so as the elevation increases and it becomes more colder we see tree species. Teach doctors as it becomes more as we go up and it becomes more colder and colder. It is the tree species speak up for skaro before it entirely disappears when Steve nothing, but only snow or ice, but even these Landscapes here home, too. Wolves animals and plants That have already adopted such in Market, but this is how we across the portion of mountain habitat. Let's move on to understand the folder harbortouch. So this phone the habitat is physically located at the poles of the earth a of as you can see from the image. They are very cold there windy, and they have lots and lots of snow and Ice it's even too cold for the priest to home grow. So Harley you find any trees out there. Don't let it soak the lot of area of the foliar habitat. This is the way we approach this question. Hope you understood the solution. If you have any questions drop a comment below and subscribe to this channel for regular updates. Thank you. "
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