Payment Terms and Refund Policy

Payment Terms


Customers understand and acknowledge that our fees shall not be amended/ altered nor shall any exemptions be made in this regard. Customers are entitled to make payment for the Company’s products and programs through online payment.


The Company is entitled to revise the price of its products and programs, at any time, at its sole discretion without prior notice.


It is clarified that no customer shall be entitled to retake the same live class/classes and, no lessons will be available to students outside of their class, however certain elements of the lesson and additional practice will be given to students outside of class and will be available at any time - before or after the class.


No customer shall be entitled to view the content for classes that shall be uploaded in the future (for the following academic year) or for classes for which they have not paid.

Return and Refund Policy


Any change of address or phone numbers should be notified to the Company without any delay through a written application or by reaching out to us on our customer care number 080-68716666 or writing to us at


If at any time you feel dissatisfied with the service, please reach out to our Academic Advisors. We will do our best to address your concerns. If you still decide to discontinue the service and cancel the subscription, Lido offers a no questions asked pro-rated refund policy for all the classes not consumed/scheduled. Our refund policy depends on the payment plan selected and the classes left.
For any cancellation request, we provide a refund for the number of classes which you have not used the service for.


Case 1: If you bought a 60 classes novice plan for USD 825:

You have requested a refund after consuming 20 classes, only 40 classes refund would be given i.e
Refund amount = (Classes pending /Total Classes purchased ) * 100
Refund in this case = (40/60) * USD 825 = USD 550**

Case 2: You have purchased 2 packs of 60 classes each worth USD 825 each. You have only consumed 30 classes so 90 classes are pending.

All the classes would be consumed from the first order until classes are finished and then second order classes would be taken into account.
Refund in this case:

Order 1 : 60 classes purchased, 30 consumed and 30 classes are remaining - Refund = (30/60) *USD 825 = USD 413

Order 2: 60 classes purchased, 0 consumed and 60 are remaining -
Refund = 60/60 *USD 825 = USD 825
Total paid = USD 825 + USD 825 = USD 1650
Total refund = USD 413 + USD 825 = USD 1238**

**In certain cases, customers might be charged bank transaction charges directly by their banks. Any charges of such nature are not refundable by Lido.


Once the refund has been initiated, the refund amount is expected to reflect as per the payment method:

  • Online Payment via Credit / Debit Cards: Refund will be in source (7-10 business days)

*Refunds timelines depend on Bank turnaround times and RBI guidelines.

** If multiple modes are used, then respective amounts to go to the refund sources mentioned. If there is any deduction for refund amount, preference to be given to online mode.


The Company reserves the right to withdraw any of its products without prior notice. In such an event, the customer would be offered an option to opt for an alternate product/course or a refund of the amount paid to the account through which the payment was made.


If at any point of time, the government further increases/revises the tax rate, the extra amount of taxes will be borne by the customers from the date of enforcement of such act by the government.


The terms and conditions of this Form are in addition to the other terms and conditions specified at and do not override the same in any manner whatsoever.


In case of any dispute or difference between the customer and the Company regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, non-payment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms and conditions, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator who shall be appointed by the direction of the Company. The proceedings shall be conducted in English at Mumbai. The courts at Mumbai only shall have the jurisdiction over the matters arising between the customer/s and the Company.

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