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Project based learning

Real world skills built through application of concepts


Build a love for learning from day one

Small group experience

Personalized attention and practice in every class

World class teachers

Coaching and mentorship from carefully selected teachers

Parents and students love us!

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"My Lido Headstart classroom is amazing and easy to use, and we have so much fun while learning. My Lido teacher is the best!"

Joe Martin

Headstart Student

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"Lido Headstart's Integrated Course is actually helping Ayushi learn the basics of English, Maths, and even Coding, at just 4 years old!"

Tanay Jain

Father of Ayushi, Grade 1

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β€œLido's play and learn method of teaching is perfect for young kids. My son is actually very interested in learning now!”

Radhanath Shah

Mother of Nitin, Grade 2

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β€œLido Headstart has taught my 5-year-old Ritisha to think creatively from a real-world perspective. Her teacher is doing a great job!”

Geeta Salvi

Mother of Ritisha, Grade 1

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India's leading integrated curriculum designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums for a head start to your child’s learning journey with 5 subjects and 5 skills

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Skills you will develop

Our course has mapped the 21st Century Skills to your learning journey. As you develop these skills, you will earn corresponding badges to mark your progress.

Creativity and imagination


Critical thinking and problem solving

Computational Thinking

Social Emotional Literacy

What we cover

Learning concepts from multiple subjects creates a strong foundation to help develop the right skills at a young age with a growth mindset

coding icon Maths

Number drills help with development of problem solving skills

coding icon English

Extensive reading, writing, and speaking help with development of communication skills and confidence

coding icon Coding

Logical sequencing of events helps with development of technical skills and inventor mindset

coding icon Science

Exploring the world around us through experiments helps with development of curiosity and a scientific mindset

coding icon Social Emotional Learning

Practicing empathy, gratitude, social skills and self-care build personality and improves people skills

What you will build

Milestone Projects connect learnings to the real world so you can implement the concepts and skills you have learned

Record a Podcast

Dipak | Grade 3

Write an Acrostic Poem

Anish Sanghavi | Grade 2

Conduct an Experiment with Plant

Sid Puri | Grade 2

Create a Simple Light Circuit

Harsh Bhat | Grade 2

Create a Mood Board

Joe Martin | Grade KG

Perform a Reader’s Theatre

Kundhavi | Grade 3

Code a basic Game

Ruchita Sheth | Grade 2

Animate a Character

Veer Jhaveri | Grade KG

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    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 3

    Start building the foundations of knowledge

    Begin your journey of improved self-confidence and creativity

    Track progress through your very own learning portfolio

    Certificate of completion

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

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    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 6

    Become a master of concepts and skills

    Master different skills and build real strengths

    Mentorship from Harvard, Stanford & IIT alums

    Certificate of Excellence

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

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    Best value


    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 10

    Everything you need to change the world

    Perfect the art of innovation and become a natural leader

    Eligible of exclusive field trips to Silicon Valley, Oxford and beyond

    Certificate of Mastery

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

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    The perfect classroom for your child

    Math: Let's learn shapes

    Math: Solving Puzzles

    Coding: Directions blocks activity

    Math: Adding numbers activity

    Vocabulary Wall: Add words from reading activity

    English: Changing voice when reading

    Coding: Sequencing instructions

    Personalised attention

    With only 3 students per class, your child gets personalised attention from our fantastic teachers

    Play and learn!

    Games, quizzes, roleplays, and a lot more to make learning a fun experience for your child

    Milestone projects

    With us, your child will write stories, write poetry, and even build apps!

    Apply learnings to real life

    Your child will apply coding, speaking, and counting in real life situations

    Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums

    Your child will learn in a program designed by the leaders in education especially for kids.

    Development advisor

    Your dedicated Development advisor will ensure the best growth path for your child.

    Young Leaders Scholarship

    Your child can earn upto 30% in scholarship for our program.
    Book a class to check eligibility!

    What is Headstart?

    Lido's top-notch Headstart tutors & small classes, with a maximum 3:1 student to teacher ratio, ensure that every child gets personal attention & a safe learning environment. Every Headstart class is carefully designed to ensure that children deeply understand every Maths, Science, English, and Coding concept & its application to help them grow into curious, confident, and creative thinkers who become the artists, inventors, and creators of the future! Our teachers take great care to provide regular feedback, encouragement, & ample opportunities to each student to clarify doubts at every step of the way, making learning a joyful experience! Headstart caters to students from KG to Class 3 only.

    Can my child start e-learning at this age?

    Learning makes for quality screen time compared to playing games and watching shows, and that’s how Headstart adds value to your child’s life. The earlier your child starts learning, the more curious, creative, and confident your child will grow to become.

    What are the benefits of Headstart?

    Headstart is the world's first integrated program for Math, English, Science and Coding that is designed by experts from Harvard, Stanford, and IIT. Our goal is to make your child even more curious, clever, creative, and confident.
    Personalised attention: With face-to-face interaction with teachers and a maximum of 3 students per class, your child receives the personalised attention needed to become more curious, creative, and confident.Additionally, our teachers are internationally trained to teach Maths, Science, English, and Coding to younger children of kindergarten, class 1st, class 2nd, and class 3rd!
    Engaging content: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, the Lido Headstart platform is designed to teach through play. Every live online class has HD animated videos, fun games, live quiz competitions, and more to keep your child engaged and build concentration and abstract thinking. Our platform is child-friendly and encourages curiosity, creativity, imagination, and logical thinking through fun games and many other engaging classroom activities
    Real-world skills: Lido covers the basics of Maths, Science, English and Coding, AND extra-curricular skills like problem-solving, technical skills, communication, and creativity through its live online classes.

    Can my child learn Coding at this age?

    As the world is moving towards increased automation, Coding is the most important skill for the 21st century. Just like kids start learning the basics of English at a young age, they can start learning even the basics of Coding at an early age! The younger they start, the more confident and capable they will be.
    Our teachers are specially trained to teach Coding to children of kindergarten, class 1st, class 2nd, and class 3rd through fun games and activities and by solving everyday problems in our live interactive classes.

    Can my child join class through my phone?

    No, your child will need a desktop/laptop with working audio and video to join Headstart classes. For the best experience, they will need a strong internet connection and good headphones.

    Does an adult have to accompany the child through class?

    Headstart lessons are conducted on an easy-to-use platform by teachers trained to teach young kids of kindergarten, class 1st, class 2nd, and class 3rd. Your child may need your help only in case of technical difficulties.

    What happens if my child misses a class?

    In case of a missed class, we’ll provide all the content for that class to your child.

    Does my child have to sign up for all subjects?

    The Headstart Integrated Course is an integrated Maths, English, Coding , Science and Social-Emotional learning curriculum designed by experts from Harvard, Stanford, & IIT to give young children a headstart in life! The combination of all the subjects is what makes the course a fantastic experience for your child!

    How does Lido select teachers?

    Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become Lido tutors after a thorough screening process & background check. Each Headstart tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools to help your child become even more curious, confident, & creative than before! We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their needs to increase their chances of learning success.

    Start learning with us!

    If you are a motivated parent and want to kickstart your child's learning journey the right way, enroll your child at Lido today! If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online classes/programs, explore the Maths, Science, English, and Coding classes/courses offered by Headstart and register for early access now!

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