The Lido difference

For the best learning experience, a student needs a rockstar teacher to guide them, interactive content to keep them engaged, and a personalized platform to improve results. Lido combines these three to create high achieving students who study smarter, not harder

Expert Teachers

Expert teachers to guide you

Expert Teachers

Lido teachers invest in students’ growth to ensure that they excel both inside and outside the classroom. All from the comfort of home!

Meet our teachers

Live, discussion-based classes

Our state-of-the-art classroom with a max student to teacher ratio of 1:6 has a whiteboard, live quizzes with real time results, and guided practice where students learn from each other through discussions


Push yourself through aptitude based grouping

For the best learning outcomes, students are grouped by similar achievement levels so that the in-class experience can be personalized through pace, content and hints

Unique, engaging content

No pens, paper and textbooks! Watch concept videos, test your knowledge through interactive activities, and play games, all designed by Lido

Watch a video Play a game

Unlimited personalized practice

By tracking individual student learning we are able to customize the pratice questions for homework, give remedial help, and challenge students to push their limits

Self-learning, anytime

Every classroom lesson has a corresponding video library, practice question bank, summary and anchor charts to download, so that students can revise at their own pace, anytime

Track your performance

Performance charts show students their strengths and weaknesses across the different chapters and give them suggestions of what to focus on next


Parents can follow
your progress

Parents get complete reports after each class and each unit to understand the student performance and areas of improvement

Expert Teachers

Supportive mentors to help you grow

Expert Teachers

Every student has an academic mentor to discuss their perfomance, answer questions and guide them on their Lido learning journey. Available whenever you need them


Strong, open

Regular sessions between parents, teachers, and mentors ensures that students have a support system that helps them grow

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