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Master English and communication with India's
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Class KG to 10 | Just 4 students


Awesome classes


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Incredible results, guaranteed.

Life Skills

Your child will read, write, speak, and create like never before


Your child will become a fluent & confident public speaker

Future Ready

Job interviews, global opportunities, unlimited career options - the sky’s the limit!

Changing students’ lives

"Nisha used to be so quiet. With Lido she has found a new confidence and her own voice. She does a weekly podcast now!”

Chetan Swami

Father of Nisha, Class 7

“Lido has helped my son Rishi fall in love with reading! It’s all he does in his free time now, and he’s close to finishing Huckleberry Finn!”

Geeta Salvi

Mother of Rishi, Class 4

"My favourite part of my Lido English classes is our classroom debates - they are fun and a great exercise to practice speaking!”

Ian Lobo

Lido student, Class 5

“Thanks to Lido, my 12-year-old daughter is so hooked to writing in English, she’s started her own blog!”

Radhanath Shah

Parent of Ashu, Class 5

Four pillars of English

Lido's curriculum is designed to make your child an all round English super star

coding icon Grammar

Learn perfect grammar through games

Master key school curriculum concepts

Practice vocabulary through daily word lists

coding icon Reading

Exposure to global literature, poetry, and Shakespeare

Boost reading through monthly book club

Inculcate a love of reading from a young age

coding icon Writing

Publish original content: books, poetry, plays

Build the habit of writing through a daily blog

Workshops with famous Indian and global authors

Public speaker Public Speaking

Build 100% fluency and confidence

Practice via class discussion and audio/video homework

Participate in plays, elocution contests, Model United Nations

Milestone projects

At Lido, we believe in project-based learning! Every unit ends with an awesome
Milestone Project so your child can put their skills into practice.


Make a podcast


Publish a blog


Deliver a TED Talk


Create a comic


Publish a story


Write a newspaper article

Explore Lido students’ portfolios & projects

Sean D’Silva

Class 7
Short Story Contest

Sunny Thadani

Class 5
Wrote a poem

Yashashree Godse

Class 3
Essay Competition

Devansh Jhaveri

Class 9
Delivered a TEDx Talk

Siddharth Srivastava

Class 8
Young Writers Hunt

Mamta Kaur

Class 6
Started a Podcast

Your child will see personality Improvement

You will see a rise in

rice icon


Your child will express easily & accurately

rice icon


Your child will think out of the box and speak on impromptu subjects

rice icon


Your child will blossom into a leader

You will see a fall in

rice icon


No more shyness and anxiety while talking

rice icon

Pauses & fillers

No more “umm”, “aaa”, and “like” during conversations

Bringing the perfect English class to life!

KG & Class 1
(Lido Jr.)

Foundational building blocks of English

Class 2 and 3
(Lido Jr.)

Build vocabulary & speak confidently

Class 4 and 5

Build positive writing, reading, and speaking practices

Class 6 and 7

Master powerful communication

Class 8, 9, and 10

Excel at English with world-class writing & speaking skills

Start your child's learning journey today

Start your child's
learning journey

maths icon

Novice 60 classes

Start building the foundations of knowledge

3 milestone projects

₹ 31,500

cost per class

₹ 525

maths icon

Master 120 classes

Become a master of concepts and skills

6 milestone projects

₹ 54,000

cost per class

₹ 450

maths icon

Superstar 240 classes

Everything you need to change the world

10 milestone projects

Eligible for Silicon Valley Trip

₹ 90,000

cost per class

₹ 375

₹ 10 Crore
Young Leaders Scholarship

Your child can earn upto 30% in scholarship for our program.
Book a class to check eligibility!

The best teachers, just for you

rteacher image

“Lido’s games and activities make it easier for me to teach and for my students to learn English.”

Krupa Rajpara
B.E , M.Tech
IET PATW Competition Runners-up

“Lido’s 6:1 format allows room for student-teacher communication, which helps students become fluent and confident speakers!”

Akshita Malviya
B. Tech,
National level basketball athlete

gteacher image
nteacher image

“I’ll teach you how to write confidently, creatively, and convincingly!”

Navpreet Hora
B. Com,
2500+ tuition & coaching hours

The best teachers,
just for you

Access unlimited content for free!

Best way for Story Narration

Grade 6

Define Present Tense and Its Forms

Grade 5

Explain Degree of Adjectives With Suitable Examples

Grade 6

Best Method for Paragraph Writing

Grade 7

What is a Play ? Stage Play | Drama | Movie

Grade 9

There’s so much to learn with Lido!

maths icon Maths

90+ in school exams

International Olympiads

Real world problem-solving

science icon Science

90+ in school exams

Virtual lab experiments

International Olympiads

science icon Lido JR

Speaking, counting & coding

Speaking & acting like a leader

Creative thinking & application

coding icon Coding

Concentration & logical thinking

App development & game design

Entrepreneurial mindset

img rocket

Growth starts here

Set your child up for success with Lido, book a trial today!

What is Lido Learning?

Lido provides India’s best LIVE online classes with India’s top 0.1% tutors and a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, so every student can score better marks and look forward to a bright future! With face-to-face interaction with India’s top 0.1% English language teachers and a maximum of 6 students per class, your child receives personalised attention, regular feedback, and enough opportunities to communicate with the teacher and clarify doubts during class, which makes learning English easier than ever.

  1. Focus on conceptual understanding: At Lido, we focus on understanding the basics of English to build a strong foundation that will help them with further studies, should they choose to pursue journalism, research, public speaking, and other careers that demand excellent communication skills.
  2. Building real-world skills: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, Lido’s English curriculum is designed to help students to read, write, speak, learn, and create better.
  3. Confidence to top English exams: We provide unlimited text and video content covering key concepts for self-study, and a large question bank so your child can practice English after class, too! This helps your child fall in love with English, think like an innovator, score better marks in school English examinations, and communicate confidently, like a future leader.

We cater to students of class 4th, class 5th, class 6th, class 7th, class 8th, and class 9th through online English classes for ICSE board, CBSE board, and Maharashtra and Gujarat state boards.

How will learning English with Lido help my child?

Learning English with Lido will help your child top school English examinations; read, write, speak, learn, and create better; and communicate confidently, like a future leader.

How many English classes will my child attend every week?

A week at Lido is fun and filled with learning. We conduct 2 live online English classes every week - on Tuesday and Thursday. We also have live online revision classes on weekends and 1:1 doubt solving sessions with our expert teachers for when your child wants extra help.

Will Lido help with homework and clearing doubts?

Our 6:1 student-teacher ratio allows every student enough time to practice communication with the teacher and to clarify doubts before the class ends. Further, our AI-driven homework solutions help students practice and learn English independently, even without the teacher around!

What is included in a Lido English course?

Lido’s English course includes a library of over 150 topics to choose from, all taught by the top 0.1% English teachers from across India through videos, games, and quizzes, and many other fun activities. Besides that, we provide homework and tests customised to suit your child’s needs, and an unlimited English question bank so there’s always more for your child to practice.

Can my child sign up for English only?

If your child needs help with English only, then your child can choose to sign up for just English. However, your child will get the full Lido experience if your child takes live online classes for all 4 subjects - Maths, Science, English, and Coding.

How does Lido select English teachers?

We select only the top 0.1% English teachers of India from the world’s best institutes to teach your child in our live online classes. We guarantee that every English teacher is well-trained to ensure excellent results for your child, so your child can learn to communicate like a leader. Instead of you having to search for an online tutor for your child, our advanced AI algorithm finds the perfect English teacher for your child.

Start learning with us!

If you are a motivated parent and want your child to master English, top examinations, and communicate like a leader, then join Lido now. If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online English classes/programs, enroll for a free English class now! Remember, the English trial is totally free!

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