Your child can build the next super app!

Master coding and build exciting apps with Lido's live classes

Class 4 to 10

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    Improve concentration and abstract thinking

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    Build your own apps and games for Play Store

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    Start your own company and make millions


Awesome classes


Happy students

Learn coding and so much more


Conceptual understanding for better scores


Build problem-solving, technical and communication skills


Think and act like a future leader!

Coding is fun with Lido!

β€œMy son is so excited learning to code. Everything from the teacher, to the platform, to the classes is top notch! Great to see him grow every single day!”

Devang Joshi

Father of Het, Class 7

β€œI have never seen Aria more excited about anything! She waits for her coding class every weekend, and she has already built her own app!”

Pradeep Shah

Father of Aria, Class 5

β€œI’m very happy about the progress my daughter has made since she started learning coding with Lido. In just 6 months with Lido, she has built her first app.”

Sharanya Shantaram

Father of Deepika, Class 7

β€œI’m suprised how fast my son is learning to code and how excited he’s been about his classes. I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m very impressed by Lido.”

Roshan Sharma

Father of Joy, Class 6

Young Leaders Scholarship

Your child can earn upto 30% in scholarship for our program.
Book a class to check eligibility!

Bringing the perfect Coding class to life!

Choosing from 150+ topics

Customise your learning experience

Interactive learning formats

Learn through videos, games and activities

Launch your own apps

Solve real world problems with your innovation

1:4 classes with expert teachers

We balance the need for personalized attention and peer learning

Customised homework and tests

AI-driven homework and tests your child

Lido's cutting edge coding curriculum

Designed by Stanford, Harvard, IIT alums

Access unlimited content for free!

Animation Art

Rohit | Age 10

Xylophone App

Sandeep | Age 12

Knock Knock

Vinay | Age 8

Maze Game

Nandini | Age 9

Pizza Website

Yash | Age 11

Start your child's learning journey today

Start your child's
learning journey

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    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 3

    Start building the foundations of knowledge

    Begin your journey of improved self-confidence and creativity

    Track progress through your very own learning portfolio

    Certificate of completion

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

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    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 6

    Become a master of concepts and skills

    Master different skills and build real strengths

    Mentorship from Harvard, Stanford & IIT alums

    Certificate of Excellence

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

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    Best value


    a class!

    Milestone Projects: 10

    Everything you need to change the world

    Perfect the art of innovation and become a natural leader

    Eligible of exclusive field trips to Silicon Valley, Oxford and beyond

    Certificate of Mastery

    Young Leaders Scholarship eligibility

    Unlimited Content Library

    Learning Portfolio

    TEDx Lido Talks

    Harvard/Stanford/IIT alumni access

    Annual Lido Olympiad

    Exclusive field trips

    Parent student workshops

    0% Interest EMI options available

    Prices may vary from country to country

    Top-notch teachers, just for you

    Rigorous training | Clocking 500,000 teaching hours

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    "The Lido format truly simplifies coding for children. It is revolutionary at least."

    Mohini Jaiswal
    MCA, NCC-C Certified (Grade A)

    β€œToday’s children need to learn coding, and Lido is the perfect tool for kids who want to learn to code.”

    Venkata Bonthu
    B.Sc, B.Ed

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    β€œAt Lido, we don’t stop at just the theory of Coding - we apply it in the classroom to build apps and games!”

    Megha Thapar
    MIT Pune

    β€œLido’s step-by-step approach allows kids of all ages to learn and master coding effortlessly!”

    Shibika Agarwal
    Bachelors (Social Sc.), MBA (NMIMS)

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    Top-notch teachers, just for you

    Rigorous training | Clocking 500,000 teaching hours

    There’s more to learn with us!

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    Become a Maths topper

    Compete in International Olympiads

    Kickstart a career in data science, investing, aeronautics and more!

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    Become a fluent and confident speaker

    Publish your own poetry, novels, comic books

    Open doors to careers in journalism, research, and more!

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    Compete in International Olympiads

    Build curiosity through virtual labs

    Apply learnings to save the environment, or even cure cancer!

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    Growth starts here

    Set your child up for success with Lido, book a trial today!

    What is Lido Learning?

    Lido's top-notch Coding tutors & small classes, with a maximum 4:1 student to teacher ratio, ensure that every child gets personal attention & a safe learning environment. Every Coding class is carefully designed to ensure that children deeply understand every concept & its application to help them grow into problem-solvers & critical thinkers so they can build bright futures in tech & other industries in the future! Our teachers take great care to provide regular feedback, encouragement, & ample opportunities to each student to clarify doubts at every step of the way, making the study of Coding a joyful experience!

    1. Focus on conceptual understanding: At Lido, we focus on understanding the basics of Coding to build a strong foundation that helps students improve concentration and abstract thinking and enables them to build apps and games, and eventually, to start a company and possibly even become a tech millionaire!
    2. Building real-world skills: Designed by Harvard, Stanford, and IIT alums, Lido’s Coding curriculum is designed to encourage students to apply coding to build apps, build games, and other real-world tech solutions.
    3. Confidence to think like a future tech entrepreneur: We provide unlimited text and video content covering key concepts for self-study, and a large question bank so your child can practice Coding after class, too! This helps your child fall in love with Coding and to think and create like a future tech entrepreneur.

    We cater to students of class 3rd, class 4th, class 5th, class 6th, class 7th, class 8th, class 9th, and class 10th through online Coding classes.

    How will learning Coding with Lido help my child?

    Learning Coding with Lido will help your child become a Pro Programmer, apply coding to build apps and games, and think like a future tech entrepreneur. You can expect your child to build their own app and even launch it on Play Store!

    What is the structure of a Lido class?

    Every class has just 4 students tutored by an expert teacher and has a key learning activity associated with the core concept of that class. Each class comprises 45 minutes of teaching time during which students master concepts through explanations in an interactive manner, followed by a 15-minute end-of-class buffer time for students to finish the key learning activity of the class.

    What is included in a Lido Coding course?

    Lido’s Coding program comes with a library of 150+ topics to choose from, all taught by top-notch Coding teachers, through videos, games, and other fun virtual classroom activities. In addition to that, we provide fun homework assignments, quizzes, & tests β€” all customised to suit your child’s learning needs! β€” and a massive Coding question bank so your child never runs out of practice material!

    How many Coding classes will my child attend every week?

    Every week at Lido is packed with learning and fun. We conduct 2 live online classes for Coding every week and you have the option to choose from 3 different batch options as per your convenience β€” Monday-Wednesday, Tuesday-Thursday or Saturday-Sunday.

    Can my classes be used for other subjects?

    Yes, you can use your classes purchased for any of the subjects that Lido offers - Math, Science, English and Coding. You can start and stop these courses at any time so that you have the flexibility to design your own curriculum.

    How does Lido select Coding teachers?

    Only top applicants from across the country are selected to become Lido tutors after a thorough screening process & background check. Each Coding tutor undergoes rigorous training in our special interactive & application-based curriculum & learning tools to help your child develop a strong foundation in computer programming & sharpen their critical-thinking, analysis, & problem-solving skills. We use sophisticated AI algorithms to pair each child with the tutor best suited for their needs to increase their chances at success!

    Start learning with us!

    If you are a motivated parent and want your child to master Coding, think and create like a tech genius, and become a tech entrepreneur, then join Lido now. If you or your child want to learn more about the opportunities provided by our live online Coding classes/programs, enroll for a free Coding class now! Remember, the Coding trial is totally free!

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