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I may not be considered a graduate in the societal sense of the word, as I don’t have a college degree. I consider myself a graduate of the Youtube college of self-help and design.

Jokes aside, this article is a personal testament to the effectiveness of self learning and using the internet as a tool to learn new skills.

A little bit about myself and what I do. I am a 20-year-old living in Mumbai, who trades securities on the NSE(National stock exchange of India). I gained knowledge of capital markets and Technical analysis of securities with the help of many youtube channels. I did this over a period of six months, before beginning my career as a day trader. 

There is an ocean of knowledge accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Unfortunately, people do not yet seem to give these platforms much credit. Youtube aside, there are many educational websites that offer a freemium model of payment. You can pay for the certification only if you feel it is worth your money or you want the credentials. Websites such as Coursera and EdX(MIT and Harvard initiative) offer a countless number of courses on a large variety of subjects.

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I firmly believe that the education industry is overdue for a revolution and we already have a suitable working model for what the future will look like. With colleges across the world going online due to the Covid19 pandemic, we can see the far future in front of our very eyes.

I find with just a little bit of extra effort one can find amazing educational resources all over the internet. One way to find plenty of material to study is to use the playlist feature on youtube. Taking the capital market as an example, you could open a relevant educational channel like Financial Education who is one of the pioneers of finance youtube and then open the channel-specific playlists of videos. There you will find a playlist of videos in a structured manner that you can view. These videos either follow a similar theme or a focus that makes learning easier and interesting. I strongly believe that visual learning through online interactive content is the future for students and I am a strong advocate and example of this possibility. 

Aahan Botadkar

Author: Aahan Botadkar

I am a 20-year-old living in Bombay who has learnt about stock markets from the internet and now I am a day trader by profession.

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