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Teaching Children Discipline in a Joint Family

With so many generations living together in joint families, young children in these families are often the most pampered ones! Well, not a very conducive environment to ensure discipline, right!? But by following a few simple rules and inculcating the right attitude among children, maintaining discipline shouldn’t be that big of a challenge. So here are some ways you can ensure that your children are disciplined enough to get pampered!

Communicate with other family members!

First and foremost, convey to the other members of your family what you expect from your child. If others in the family are aware of your expectations from children, the task of inculcating discipline will eventually fall in place! Have you set a few ground rules for your children? Let others know about them too. Parenting becomes easier in a joint family when others are there to support you. Parents too should discuss with their elders to decide what is wrong and what is not for their children. After all, we were also in our children’s shoes long back!

Unanimity in house rules

Children should be aware of the fact that the other family members have a set routine that they follow. This is something that they need to respect – others’ time and privacy. Say if the child’s uncle returns from work late at night, you don’t want your child to be creating a mess in the living room! Making children follow a simple routine can help in keeping them occupied and at the same time, teach them the importance of discipline. Children will think twice before doing anything when they are aware of certain ground rules that are set by the elder members!

Closed-door discussions

There are times when you might end up having conflicts with other members of the family which can turn into serious conflicts if not resolved early! Always have these discussions when children are not around. Remember, children are very observant and can sense when something is not right. Respecting others’ privacy is something children should learn from an early age. Even if you have had a tiff with a family member, ensure it doesn’t affect your child in any way. 

Practice what you preach!

Do you have a habit of oversleeping or are always glued to the television screen? Well, don’t blame your child if he ends up doing the same! Children will learn through the examples you set. Firstly, make sure to follow a disciplined routine yourself! This way you will have to worry less about children! Involve children in meaningful activities and get them to help with household chores. There’s no better way to teach responsibility and discipline by involving them in the chores you do! Remember, learning begins at home and the best way to make children learn is by setting an example for them.

You might be in a nuclear or a joint family. At the end of the day what matters is that children grow up to be responsible and disciplined. The values they learn come from the things they are taught in their families.

Priyajit Marwah

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