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How Are Schools Responding to COVID-19

E-learning can be the way out.

According to UNESCO, as of April 14, 188 countries around the world have closed schools nationwide, affecting over 1.5 billion learners and representing more than 91 percent of total enrolled learners. Coronavirus or COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on 30th January 2020. As the world is fighting COVID-19 a nationwide lockdown was declared on 24th  March 2020. Although the lockdown was declared on 24th March schools were instructed to remain close well before the lockdown was imposed. In the initial stages, parents thought that this lockdown would end soon and schools would reopen and work as scheduled. As the number of cases started increasing the lockdown got more authoritarian. Some states decided to promote their students to the next class while others decided to postpone the examinations. Cancellation of examinations was a much-needed decision to constrain Corona amongst the youth. 

Promoting the students to the next class solved the problem of kids wasting their academic year but there is still a small problem that could affect many students, the students are promoted to the next class without a major part of the syllabus not being taught. This could be a problem for the students to understand some concepts in the next class. To tackle this problem schools started coming out with many different techniques to make sure that learning for a student does not stop.

Steps taken by schools

Schools after the extension of lockdown started taking online lectures on different subjects. Students started getting assignments on a daily basis for different subjects. Teacher’s dialogue with parents on regular bases became paramount, gaining feedback from the parent about the student’s growth and their daily schedule. Students are also provided with e-books and videos as study materials However remote learning became a very important aspect around the globe. In Spite of many measures taken by the school, they proved to be less effective because of some reasons like teachers not being given any training before the online lectures. 

What are parents worried about?

Lockdown has affected the daily schedule of a child, children have also started developing the habit of going to bed late and getting up late. Children are also getting addicted to electronic devices like television, mobiles, or laptops. There has been seen a reduction in the learning time of students. As the schools remain close students are missing out on a lot of important lessons which may be the building blocks for higher classes. It is not only about academics but this long vacation is also hindering the physical growth and health of a child. The weekly physical training classes are no longer possible hence the physical exercise of a child has been narrowed down. The constantly changing schedule of a child is also affecting his/her efficiency in studies. Some students are also getting used to afternoon naps. Parents are highly worried that their little ones are getting lethargic.

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What can be done?

Parents are the ones who now have to put in extra effort in their young one’s day to day activity, they need to be their teacher and friend as well. Setting up a daily schedule for your kid is very important and also to make sure that it is being followed. The schedule should include everything like studies, fun time, meals, rest. Daily reading and writing are mandatory for a child, this shall keep him in touch. Equal time for hobbies and fun activities should be given as well. For mental and physical health a good 8-hour sleep is essential. Sometimes your kid might feel alone and lonely, this is the time when parents have to be their child’s best friend.

Subscribing to an e-learning portal could be very useful. These days a student is lacking resources to study from. E-learning gives you all the resources on a click and is full of many live examples which makes it easier for a student to understand any concept and practice as much as they want.

These are some difficult times that we are facing but soon enough this will also phase out, what we must ensure is that learning of a child should never stop in any circumstances. We cannot let the future of India suffer due to this disease. 

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Study hacks during Lockdown

People who have been involved in martial arts or martial studies often experience stress, especially during periods of study, lockdown, or learning. The theory is that students need to learn to face their anxieties in order to become better people. Here are some useful studies tips in lockdown.

Most importantly, no matter what your situation, do not become defensive or worried. Students should let anxiety pass by, and if a lockdown is happening, the next best thing to do is to remain calm. No matter what, if you think you are going to lose control, try to relax.

If you are still in lockdown, try to remember your studies tips in lockdown. Although many students are apprehensive, they should do everything possible to remain calm. Being relaxed can help them through the next phase of the lockdown, which is the next part of their studies.

The second phase of the lockdown is when students are required to work out the anxiety they were experiencing before the lockdown. In many cases, students need to find new outlets for their energy. Learning how to work out this energy can help them as they attempt to overcome the anxiety they were feeling before the lockdown.

Many people have experienced anxiety in studying, and all of these individuals will benefit from practicing the study tips in lockdown that were discussed above. Students must find outlets for their energy, whether it is yoga meditation, tai chi, or anything else that allows them to escape from their busy minds. When these students find ways to release the pent up energy, they are more able to focus on what they are studying.

The third phase of the lockdown is an extension of the studies tips in lockdown that require students to focus on what they are studying. This is an especially important phase of the lockdown because, although students are required to remain focused, the lockdown allows students to become distracted. They are often motivated to study in the lockdown because the boredom and pressures of lockdown can lead to a sense of discouragement.

To combat this, students can practice the study tips in lockdown that require them to focus on their studies. They should avoid distractions, such as cell phones, television, or even the radio. Simply finding a quiet place in which to work can be a big help in the lockdown.

The last phase of the lockdown is something that students should be prepared for. In many cases, students feel overwhelmed and are likely to panic at any given moment. If students feel any type of anxiety or stress during the lockdown, they should try to remain calm and focus on their Studies.