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Republic Day: 15 Unknown Facts about the Indian Constitution

After over 7 decades, one would have thought we’d know all there is to know about our country and our constitution. But here are 15 amazing facts about the Indian Constitution that you probably didn’t know!.

1. The Constitution Was Originally Written in Hindi and English

The original copies of our constitution were drafted in two languages – Hindi and English. Both these copies were signed by each member of the constituent assembly

2. The English Version Has 117,369 Words

With 117,369 words, the Constitution of India contains 444 articles in 22 parts, 12 schedules and 115 amendments. It would take you 15 hours to go through the entire constitution. Pheww!

3. Our Constitution took inspiration from various other Constitutions

The Indian Constitution is called a ‘bag of borrowings’ because it has borrowed provisions from the constitutions of many other countries like the US, USSR, UK, France and many more!

4. It Is the Longest Constitution in the World

117,369 words make it the longest constitution in the world. Another fun fact: The constitution of Monaco is the shortest with 3,814 words.

5. Father of the Indian Constitution, Dr Ambedkar, Was Ready to Burn It

Dr. Ambedkar strongly argued in favour of amending the constitution while debating about how a Governor should be invested with more powers. “I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it,” were his words!

6. It Was Handwritten by Prem Behari Narain Raizada

The Indian constitution was published in Dehradun by Prem Behari Narain Raizada, an Indian calligrapher who hand-wrote the entire constitution. It was written in a flowing italic style.

7. Each Page Was Decorated by Artists from Shantiniketan

The original hand-written constitution was decorated by artists from  Shantiniketan – a neighbourhood that was expanded by Rabindranath Tagore.

8. Basic Structure of the Constitution stands on the Government of India Act, 1935

The Government of India Act, 1935 was originally passed in August in the same year. It forms the basis of our Constitution.

9. 9 December 1946: The Constituent Assembly Met for the First Time

The Constituent Assembly was the first Parliament of India with Dr Sachchidananda Sinha being the  first president of the assembly on December 9, 1946.

10. It took almost 3 years to write it down!

To be precise, it took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to come up with the final draft of the Indian Constitution. No wonder it is the longest Constitution in the world! 

11. 2,000 Amendments Were Made to the First Draft

Before being finalised, as many as 2000 amendments were made to the Constitution.

12. The Original Copies Are Stored in Special Cases

The original copies of the Indian Constitution, which were written in Hindi and English, are kept in special helium-filled cases in the Library of the Parliament of India.

13. 26 January 1950: The Constitution Was Legally Enforced

That’s the date when our Constitution was legally enforced. Another fact: The date 26 January was chosen to declare Purna Swaraj or complete independence back in 1930.

14. 26 January 1950: The National Emblem of India Was Adopted

Our National emblem – The ‘Lion Capital Of Ashoka’ was adopted on 26 January 1950. It has 4 Asiatic Lions standing back to back that symbolize power, courage, pride and confidence.

15. Amended Only 104 Times since 1950

As of January 2020, the Indian Constitution has been amended 104 times since it was first enacted in 1950.

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