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Quick Breakfast Recipes you can make with your Child

Kickstarting your day with a hearty breakfast will not only keep you going throughout the day but is a great way to maintain a healthy eating routine. Here are a few easy-to-cook breakfast recipes that your children will love. Getting them involved in the process is one that has multiple benefits – they get an idea of what they’re putting into their bodies – and it is a step towards making them independent and self-sufficient (just imagine- you could sleep in on weekends!)  

Fruit Salad

What better way to start your day than with a bowl of fresh fruits. This is the healthiest and the quickest breakfast meal you can have! All you need to do is chop, mix and eat! It’s a ‘sweet’ and delicious way to get going. With all essential vitamins and minerals, a bowl of fruit salad is a nourishing and delicious breakfast option for you and your children. Maybe next time ask your children to get you a bowl full of fruit salad? – Try it with some thick Greek yoghurt, or drizzle a spoonful of honey on it for variety. The possibilities are endless with seasonal fruit varieties! 


A hot-favourite in many homes, pancakes are an-all time favourite option for children and parents. Using a ready-made pancake mix, it’s a recipe you can cook in minutes. It’s a delicious meal to start your day with. Pancakes are also high in protein and fibre, making them a healthy option. Top it up with fresh fruits or maple syrup for an even more scrumptious meal! Making the batter at home isn’t too difficult, either – and you can substitute refined flour for whole wheat when you make it at home. 


Readily available in the market, oats are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. And just like instant noodles, you simply add boiling water (or milk) to the pre-mix and you are ready to go. For those with a sweet tooth, a pinch of cinnamon with a topping of raisins and nuts makes it delicious. Preparing breakfast has never felt so easy, isn’t it? 

Vegetable Sandwich Toast

Try making this instead of the usual butter toast next time? Add tomato slices, cucumber and onions and then toast it. It will turn out to be a delicious and healthy breakfast meal for everyone. A vegetable sandwich toast is packed with healthy nutrients that are good for you and your children. The best part – it’s made with fresh vegetables that are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Do try this recipe next time!

Scrambled Eggs

An eggcellent way to start your day. Scrambled eggs are easy to prepare and are a great source of protein. All you do is beat and whisk the eggs and then add the mixture to a pan. Add butter, salt and black pepper, keep stirring and there you have it! Delicious scrambled eggs in no time. An easy-to-cook recipe that even children will love to cook and have. 

Do you have any quick family favourites that you love to make with your children? Do let us know in the comments below with your breakfast recipes!

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