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Improving your Child’s Mental Math ability

For children, being aware of math tricks in order to perform quick calculations is a must. It is something that children should be encouraged to learn from a young age. The ability to do mental math is a great way to save time while solving lengthy word problems or even solving general math questions! Let’s look at some of the ways that can help brush up your child’s mental math abilities!

Use technology to your advantage!

With countless apps to learn maths from, app or game-based learning is a great way to improve your child’s mental math abilities. Apps like ‘Mental Math Practice’ or ‘Mental Math,’ on the playstore are a great way to hone your child’s mental math ability. Educational games are a great way to keep your child engaged and at the same time, improve their thinking skills.

Encourage your child to read math books

Math books for children like ‘Vedic Maths or Mental Mathematics on Flipkart are some great books that will help in your child’s math-learning journey. There are books available online with easy-to-learn tips and tricks for maths that could come in very handy for problem-solving. Apart from the regular curriculum followed in schools, introducing children to such useful books is a great way to enhance their mental math skills.

Calculate without the calculator

With smartphones and calculators readily available, children rarely calculate anything mentally. One of the best ways to sharpen math skills is by making use of number tricks and hacks that would help in calculations. Aim to use calculators only when absolutely necessary. Isn’t that what the purpose of ‘mental maths’ is, ultimately? To put our brains to work and look for answers!

Play memory improving games

Games like ‘Sudoku’ or ‘Sum Square’ are great for children to boost their memory and concentration level. Sudoku is known to improve memory and analytical thinking – memory and logic work side-by-side while we solve it. That’s a skill needed for doing mental math too. Besides such memory games, there are also some useful mental-math tricks that can be used while solving problems.

Practice! Practice!

Remember, ‘practice makes–perfect!’ The key is to develop ‘number curiosity’ in your child’s mind so they don’t dread doing maths. The more they practice solving problems, the better they will learn. Math is all about practice and patience – the more you solve, the more you learn. With practice, mental maths becomes second nature until they find it easier to do it all mentally than to use pen and paper or even the calculator! 

Mental maths is a great tool to have in your arsenal when you appear for competitive exams like olympiads or even entrance exams in later stages. It helps in completing your paper not just accurately, but on time – and that’s a skill that everyone could do with! 

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