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How to Nurture Your Child’s Creativity and imagination

The minds of children are always brimming with curiosity. They live in a world filled with imagination and creativity and calling them idea-generating enthusiasts wouldn’t be wrong at all! All children are born with a creative steak, it isn’t something that can be taught. However, there are many ways in which parents can help nurture their children’s natural creativity and imagination.

Appreciate their ideas

When parents appreciate their child’s openness and ideas, it naturally encourages them to think and imagine more. The more children imagine and think of solutions to problems, the more confident they become with the creative thought process. Inculcating a habit of ‘open thinking’ always helps in nurturing a child’s creativity and helps them to try out new things and become open-minded. Recognizing and appreciating their ideas always helps to get more ideas flowing through their minds!

Have creative resources around

Make sure there are plenty of craft items – pens, papers, paints and whatever you can think of, around children. This is a great way to get children involved in activities where they can freely put their thoughts on paper, either through writings or drawings. Having open-ended toys around like ‘lego blocks’ or ‘play-doh clay’ can keep them busy for hours and at the same time, keeping the creativity alive. You’ll be amazed at what all children can create and learn from the simplest of resources around.

Question them often with ‘What if?’

Well, the question ‘what if?’ says it all! This is a question that can trigger endless ideas in children. Try to put this question wherever you can in-between conversations with your little ones and see how they start thinking of creative possibilities about everything. Promoting a habit of thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ and triggering thoughts in their minds is a good way to spark creativity in the minds of children.

Nurture their interests

Get children involved in activities and hobbies they wish to take up! Picking up a hobby or trying to learn something is a great way to build up curiosity and creativity. Let’s say your child is keen on learning to play the guitar. Think of ways and means of keeping their interests alive. Buy them ‘how-to-books’ on learning to play the guitar or maybe another instrument that can be used along with the guitar. Taking up hobbies is a great way for children to showcase their creativity!

Give them the freedom to think!

Allow your children to think out-of-the-box whenever they can. Create a learning environment at home where children do not hesitate in asking you questions or talking about what they feel about anything. Giving them the freedom to be creative with the right encouragement will always keep the curiosity alive. Remember, curiosity promotes creativity!

Be creative yourself

Children will follow in your footsteps. Share creative ideas with your children about anything and everything! You could be planting seeds in your garden, or preparing a new dish! Involve your children in your creative process. Children will watch and learn from you. Setting an example for them is a great way for them to nurture creativity in their minds and encourage them to think differently!

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