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How to Cope With Anxiety & Stress


Everyone faces stress and becomes anxious from time to time. It’s a part of life but sometimes when it hits for a long period of time it can have an adverse impact on your mental as well as physical health. When childhood anxiety is intensified it is the parent’s duty to try their best and be there with their child through this ordeal. Parents play a vital role in helping children deal with anxiety and stress. 

Children experience fear, nervousness, and introversion. Worrying about grades, juggling responsibilities, changing school, problems with friends, peer pressure, etc. These are problems that children face regularly in schools and as parents, you are their guides and their role model. Here are some tips for helping children to cope up with anxiety and stress because as parents you influence them the most. 

How parents can help: 

1. Positive environment 

  • It is not only the physical environment but the emotional environment that shapes the child’s mental toughness.
  • Pick your words carefully which give strength and integrity to them to help their self-esteem.
  • Use kind words and boost their mind with positivity.
  • Be open and understanding with them so they can share their fear and nervousness with you without hesitation.
  • Be a listener, Listening to their fears and help them to solve problems. 
  • As a parent we would like to help our kids to believe that learning is fun. Develop their interest in learning through their hobbies. 
  • Learning new things leads you to success.
  • Be sure your kids are connected to you. If they feel safe and engage themselves in learning they will gain valuable information. 
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2. Basics & Immunity

Focus on their basic health needs. Immunity plays a major role in helping you cope with anxiety and stress. When you feel stressed and anxious it reduces your immunity. The ability of our immune system to fight against antigens is reduced. So try to minimise stress by doing the following

  • Proper Bedtime routine 
  • Try meditation 
  • Healthy meal
  • Daily exercise 
  • Yoga 
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E intake can be a powerful antioxidant that helps your body to fight off infection.

3. Strategies to use in moments of Anxiety 

  • Write it out
  • Talk about your thoughts 
  • Get help from an adults 
  • Take Care of your own needs
  • Deep breathing 

In conclusion, I would also like to EMPHASISE if any child is feeling anxious or stressed and is not comfortable talking to their parents please reach out to your friends or an elder that you respect to help you because your life matters more than your struggles. Always remember bad mistakes are avoidable and if you have the right support system anything can be tackled. 

Naman Chaturvedi

Author: Naman Chaturvedi

I am working with Lido as an online tutor for the past 3 months.

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