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Healthy Snacking Ideas for your Pre-Teen

In between school breaks, or office breaks, if there’s one thing we all do during these quick breaks, it is munching on ‘quick bites.’ I mean who doesn’t like snacking in between meals!? Adults love to snack as much as children love to! So how about we make snacking as healthy as the food we all should eat? Here are a few healthy snacking ideas you can look into to ensure your children get the ‘healthy’ in snacks as well!

Snack on fruits!

Well, it goes without saying that fruits are among the healthiest options out there. Not just for your children, but even for you! A rich source of nutrients, fruits will keep your body hydrated all throughout the day. Apart from being the healthiest option, they are the best ‘ready to eat’ foods you can munch on. Fruits are considered as ‘nature’s fast food,’ because of the ease with which they can be carried and prepared, isn’t it? Try replacing fruit juices with fruits. A fruit a day will keep diseases at bay! Snacking on fruits will not only keep you active but also ensure your children get the required nutrients.

Make snacking interesting

Your child eats healthy, but loves to gorge on pizzas and burgers in between meals? Well, how about preparing a snack that would satisfy their cravings and also keep a check on the ‘healthy snacking’ factor? If your child loves burgers, try and think of ways you can turn it into a healthier snack – put in more veggies, or maybe avoid the cheese slices (we’re sorry!). Just some of the ways we could think of. We’re sure you’ll be having many more alternatives at hand!

Keep a check on the portion size!

You love to snack, we all do! But don’t go overboard! Conscious snacking is the best way to keep a check on how much you eat between meals. It’s hard for us to track our daily eating habits. We tend to eat almost all of what we serve ourselves! By being aware of what we snack on and how much of it we are having, we can keep our eating worries aside! You don’t want to be overeating after an already hearty meal, right?

Have your children tried fox nuts yet?

A smart and healthy snacking option for children, fox nuts ( or more popularly known as makhanas) are low in cholesterol and fat, making them a great snack on-the-go. Get rid of the fried snacks your children have regularly and introduce them to Makhanas! They love their ‘movies and their popcorn time’ at home. Why not make it a ‘movies and makhana’ time for your children? We’re sure they’ll love the Indianised popcorns!

Try Protein Bars!

Rather than snacking on instant noodles or processed foods, make sure your child has more protein bars. These on-the-go protein bars are a great source of, well, protein, of course! There are many variants of protein bars readily available at the market. This gives your child many options to choose from while at the same time, keep a check on their food! In the age of adolescence, when children are always on the go, a quick and healthy snack can keep them going!

As much as it is important to be active, it’s equally important to keep a check on your child’s food habits – especially the ones they in between meals! Simply following a healthy eating routine (with healthy snacking of course!) will do wonders!

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