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Cyber Safety || Usha Venkatraman || Lido Webinar Series || Episode 1

The onset of the pandemic in March has led to more online activity in the last 3 months than India has ever seen. Most schools and universities have made large investments towards transitioning to online learning. Students of all ages are spending much more time online both for education and for recreation, and younger students are discovering the power of the internet as a learning tool. But with power comes responsibility, and students stepping into the digital world need to be aware of digital threats.

“The importance of cyber safety for students is paramount,” says Sahil Sheth, founder of Lido Learning, an edTech startup based in Mumbai. “Most of our students are under 14 years of age and spend more than 6 hours a day online. Hacking, phishing, and other scams have never been more prevalent than they are today, and are targeted towards younger students especially.”

“We want to stress to our students that the online community can be dangerous, and part of growing up is to learn how to spot danger and prevent it. We want our students to be curious and confident leaders, and the first step of that journey is to be strong against attacks.”

Lido Learning will discuss Cyber Safety with storyteller Usha Venkatraman on Saturday 13th June, as a first in a webinar series created to address important topics for students in the digital landscape. Tune in on YouTube Live or Facebook Live at 5pm on Saturday on Lido’s Youtube channel, and learn the do’s and don’ts of the internet!

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Nandini Mullaji

Author: Nandini Mullaji

Nandini has always wanted to disrupt education in India and joined Lido as the first Product Manager to pursue this, before becoming Head of Product and now Head of Strategy. Before Lido, Nandini was a consultant at McKinsey and Co, looked at edtech at LGT-Aspada, and taught at St. Xavier's University, Mumbai. A graduate of Georgetown University (BSFS) and Stanford University (MBA, MA.Ed), Nandini co-founded the India Innovation Lab in 2016, that was funded by The Gates Foundation and World Bank to work on public health and education in Maharashtra.

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