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Chores your Child can Help With Around the House

Being a parent can be exhausting at the best of times, but with work from home and work from school becoming the norm, the day just seems like it’s a never-ending list of chores. Getting children involved in household chores will not only help in ticking tasks off your list but more importantly, make children learn values and responsibilities that would help them in the future. So let’s take a quick look at some of the chores you could involve your children in.

Organize their belongings

Encouraging children to organize their belongings from an early age helps in making them responsible and instil a sense of importance for their belongings. By simply stacking their belongings in a designated section instead of leaving them around the house, children learn independence and organisational skills. This can start as early as preschool or with toddlers, where ‘clear-up time’ after play, sets expectations. 


Recommended for school-going children and teenagers, gardening is a wonderful activity for children. It boosts their self-confidence to watch a sapling grow into a plant that they’d sown themselves. Apart from being a good physical activity, gardening also helps children learn about the environment. Hand over the watering to your children next time you think of doing it yourselves, maybe?

Helping out with laundry and doing the dishes

Younger children can help you with folding and putting away washed clothes. Once they’re a bit older, they can actually help you with laundry and doing the dishes. Younger children can be asked to take care of the smaller utensils and the ‘not so easy to handle’ utensils could be given to the older ones – that’s your teamwork and cooperation lessons all sorted! Getting children to do simple chores at home makes them feel that they are contributing to the household work, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility.. 

Cleaning & Dusting 

Children are bound to make a mess at home with the parents left to do the cleaning. So why not involve children in cleaning and dusting your home instead? Toddlers may not be able to clean and dust themselves but can definitely help you out. This simple household chore is also a good workout for your children and also teaches them to respect the space in their homes. It will make them think twice about creating a mess within the space they just cleaned up! Cleanliness, and self-reliance are some of the life skills children will learn through this simple and productive household chore.

Fixing and repairing at home

Do your light bulbs need replacing?  How about the batteries in the television remote? Does a leaking pipe need to be sealed? Get your children involved in these activities! Not only does this build their curiosity but also improves their problem-solving skills. You could explain the problem to younger children while you fix it and the older ones can actually lend you a hand and learn on the go. This is great for improving their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Let them come up with creative ideas to fix a problem!

As much as studies are an integral part of their lives, it is equally important that children learn life skills because as cliche as it may sound, ‘learning begins at home’. Helping out with simple household chores is a great learning experience for children and a great way to build a strong bond with them. It is important, however, to find an age-appropriate chore for children to make it manageable for them. So fish out that chore chart and let the fun begin!

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