Lido Bytes Product Launch

Why we launched English

When Lido launched in March 2019, it offered only Math and Science to students from English medium schools but we quickly found out that students on the platform were struggling to speak and read English.

Even though we focused only on English medium schools, 60% of our students opted for our courses in Hinglish. For these students with weaker English skills, they did not know how to interpret word problems in Math, or answer questions in Science, so they would just memorize the solution, instead of truly understanding the material. This was one of the key reasons that students “mug” or memorize study material. We realized that offering English was critical to our students to succeed not just in school but also in life. 

So in May 2020, we launched our third subject: English. 

We are the first to offer English online for this young age group in India. There are no coaching classes for English for middle schoolers (Grades 4-8) which is our customer base. Things like Enguru target adult learners, by which time it is much more difficult to pick up English. Only when you start at a young age can you really build this fluency. That being said, we don’t just focus on spoken English for professional settings.

Lido is the full-stack solution to mastering English. Asynchronous learning only helps with grammar, and coaching classes only focus on speaking.  However, Lido’s English curriculum focuses on not just grammar, comprehension, and writing – the skills that are taught and tested in the syllabus – but also plays a huge emphasis on helping its students to build their English fluency through conversation. Our unique learning format of small group tutoring with 1 teacher and up to 6 students allows teachers to give personalized attention and mentor students so that they build proficiency and confidence in their speaking skills. 

Just like in China with VIP Kids, we see a huge market opportunity in India where parents are eager to build their child’s English skills and are looking for an effective, convenient, and affordable method to do so, and Lido’s English program provides exactly that. 

From just the first few weeks of our English course, we have seen tremendous growth and excitement. Our existing customers are choosing to opt-in and add a new subject and all our new customers have been signing up fro English right from the get-go. Anticipating soaring demand, we’re all set to hire another 300 English teachers in just the next month of June.

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