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Can Coding Unlock the Genius in Your Kid?

If you are worried about the increased screen time your kids are getting, especially over the global lockdown, then there’s good news for you. While we must all have some amount of digital literacy to lead a successful life, it turns out that there is more for kids to do than passive data consumption. Coding or learning a programming language can open up plenty of avenues for your child, and may even help in unleashing the hidden genius in them!

 Contrary to what many parents might believe, kids who begin to code at an early age often turn out to be quite the leaders in their own domains as they grow up.

In fact, there are coding systems that children as young as eight would be able to grasp; and it won’t be long before they are able to master the basic concepts.

Let’s take a look at where coding stands in today’s world.

How’s the current coding scene?

  • A World Economic Forum report on the future of work lists knowledge of programming languages or coding as one of the key employable skills for the future.
  • Coding might help bridge the gender gap in STEM studies with first-grade girls showing increased motivation through programming languages, a study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology reports.
  • Coding is fast becoming a new literacy, just as important as learning to read, write, and solve mathematical problems.
  • A study by Change the Equation shows that 54% of students enjoy computer science and programming, right after visual and performing arts and design subjects.

There’s more to coding than you may initially give it credit for.

Can coding make your kid a genius?

Coding brings out the best of academic, universal, and future-ready skills in your child. Put simply, it means that along with improving in STEM subjects in class, they will also be prepared for the future with tech-savvy skills as well universal skills like teamwork and patience. Read on for a further break down on this.

If your kid is learning to code, the chances are that they are honing the following kinds of skills from a young age.

Problem-solving skills

Chefs break down a complex recipe into stages, mechanics pull apart a car or appliance into parts and scientists divide the research into steps leading to empiricism. Coding follows a similar path. Coders get to break down a problem and look at it from various angles before arriving at a solution with necessary tweaking in their codes. Young minds can thus hone problem-solving skill through coding alright.

Computational skills

Along with cognitive skills, coding helps kids sharpen their computational skills as well. Through coding, kids learn to recognise patterns and present them logically as problems. Coding helps the young learners create the necessary steps to come up with solutions to those problems. And that, in turn, creates the trail of logic and rational thinking that leads to developing computational skills.

Creative skills

As kids grow up in a world of constant consumption of technology, it is important that they learn to take a step back and reflect on it as well. Scientists and psychologists all over the world agree that play is one of the best ways that kids can learn faster. And with programming languages like Scratch, kids can readily unleash their out-of-the-box thinking. Coding nurtures creativity in children, letting imagination run free.

Communication & collaborative skills

When you learn a new language, you can use it to express yourself. The same goes for coding. Programming languages can help kids learn to communicate. They begin by doing so for the easiest audience to please: the computers. Successfully establishing a two-way communication through code can provide the confidence boost kids so rightly deserve. On top of that, since coding provides opportunities for teamwork with peers, kids pick up collaborative skills along the way as well.

Patience and perseverance skills

Remember how many attempts it took for you to ride a bicycle, drive or swim? It’s the same with coding. Tackling complex coding problems and handling them along the way can be a challenge for kids. Creating the perfect code takes time, and it takes more than one attempt to get it right. If the code does not run, they must inspect why it is not working, what could have gone wrong, and how they can fix the issue. Kids who code thus also learn the importance of persistence and patience.

Is coding the key to the future?

Remember what the World Economic Forum had to say about computer programming emerging as the fastest-growing job sector of the future? Looks like other employment stats and trends also agree. What’s more, with around 70% jobs in the future from computing, only 8% schools are equipped to deal with the high demand of skilled coders. Top that with the various skills coding can hone in your child’s inner genius and you are one step into the future already!

There has been no better time to learn to code. Make that informed decision; help unlock a genius in your kid through coding!

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