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5 Hobbies That Improve Your Mental Sharpness

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away

Phyllis Mcginley

Hey Everyone! Today we are going to take a topic that helps us connect with others and train our passions. 

 ‘HOBBY’: an activity which we all love to do in our leisure time for pleasure and help us to develop personality, improve socializing, reduce stress, and boost confidence. As I think we all have some hobbies that we love to do like cooking, quilting, and knitting, painting, crafting, photography, etc. 

Let’s give it a twist today, I would like to define FIVE FUN HOBBIES which not only entertain us but also sharpen our Brain as it is an important part of our body and to keep it working actively and efficiently we have to do something for it.


As today’s world is full of gadgets and programming and if someone has the curiosity to learn the mystery behind them, then he/she should try to work on coding. It is a great hobby that can lead to a lucrative and very fulfilling career. Anyone can start learning it from basics like c and web designing. 

 If you love programming, then working on coding is extremely fun and rewarding.

Playing Video Games

Each and everyone loves to play Video Games , it gives us joy with this it also helps to encourage focus , determination , fighting spirit to keep trying, cooperation and teamwork. There are roles and rules inherent in video games which makes players driven and productive. Even there are so many mind Video games which are based on reasoning and logic.

Playing Musical Instruments

Playing an instrument makes you smarter, relieves stress, improves patience, memory and social life, builds confidence, increases discipline and time management skills and gives you a sense of achievement. 

Anyone can learn any type of musical instruments like keyboard, guitar, saxophone, drums, etc.

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Gardening & Organic Farming

It is a fun hobby that is good for your mind and body and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Plus you are going to eat the vegetables and fruits which are grown by you that will give you an overjoyed happiness. So grab your tools and get in the dirt.


Collection of items which is an interest of the collector helps him to explore different information based on it as it includes seeking, locating, acquiring and organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing and maintaining items of his interest.

Collection can be made of:

Stamps: One of the most popular collectibles in the world thanks to their long history and huge variety.

Coins and Currencies: These come with their own idiosyncrasies, history and ties to different nations making them fascinating for the collectors. While making a collection you get knowledge of the history behind them like which metals are used, how they are made, and of different patterns from around the world and how to store them.

Rocks-Stones & Marbles: There are different varieties of stones, rocks, semi precious crystals, precious crystals and marbles present in the world. By exploring these and collecting, you will get a good knowledge of their existence, formation and even initiates your interest in geology.

Sea shells: As they have different design and shape and some are even so valuable.

Cards, Comic books, toys : If someone has interest in these things he/she can collect these too.

I hope you would like these ideas to start as a hobby to strengthen your mind. So, All the best!!

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6 steps to Choose the Right Tuition for Your Child

Before learning the steps in choosing the right tuition, First, we should understand what is most important and that is knowing what kind of learner your child is and what suits them the best. Next is to see the aim of which is to revolutionise and advance my child’s learning in an effective and engaging way.

Step 1 – Look carefully at your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Every student is unique and has strengths and weaknesses. To best understand this converse with the child and understand the challenges that they need to overcome.

Step 2 – Determine the class size 

All students are different in nature some are extroverts and some are introverts. Figure out what environment is best for the child to thrive in. Ask the child which situations they feel most comfortable in with regards to class size and ease to ask the tutor questions.

Step 3 – Decision making between choosing Interactive Practical Classes or Traditional Classes

 We all want our child to get the best understanding of the subject and the most effective way is when we choose classes that use interactive, image-based, quiz, and activity-based classes where students observe it practically. The times of rote learning are behind us.

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Step 4 – Check the Tutor’s Teaching Methodology

By taking demo classes we can check the teacher’s methodology  . Knowing how the tutor initiates conversation with the students and their rapport building with the students so that they can ask their queries openly without hesitation is the most important factor.

Step 5 – Get Reference from other Parents and Refer to the Testimonials

Spend a few minutes contacting the parents of your child’s friends and ask them what tutor they are opting for their child. Be well informed about the details and qualification of tutors, and tuition classes as well as the money aspect because that is crucial.

Step 6 – Insist on Progress and attendance reports of Child 

It is essential to know your child’s progress and performance to help them outside of the tuitions and it is key to get feedback directly from the tutor on their opinion of the child to help the child improve.