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5 games to build and encourage curiosity in your child

Bonding with family through games is the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Playing games help in bringing families together and also benefit children in many ways. Not only do they work as stress busters but they also teach children teamwork, analytical thinking and how to take critical decisions. At the same time, they help children in improving their cognitive skills. Here are a few games that help children in building curiosity and promote learning.

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One of the most widely played board games, Scrabble is a vocabulary-building game that helps children in learning new words and improving their ability to recall. Scrabble often urges children to refer to the dictionary to look up words that they might not be aware of. This promotes a habit of ‘search and learn’ in children which helps them in independent learning. It not only helps them with learning the correct spellings but also helps them in their basic maths skills. They learn to apply basic maths operations like addition and multiplication to keep track of scores. You might want to consider gifting scrabble as a birthday present to your child!


An all-time classic, chess is the most popular and widely played game in recent times. With possibly 400+ moves one can make in a game of chess, it is sure to get your child’s thinking cap on. Even playing a game for the sheer purpose of leisure has multiple cognitive benefits for them. It makes your child’s memory sharper, improves their concentration skills and makes them think and anticipate their opponent’s moves to clinch a win. A simple fundamental that we could call ‘think smart and win’ is fostered through chess which is an important attribute for a child’s development that helps them to fend for themselves. So go ahead and play a game of chess and let your children become the ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ of tomorrow!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Something as basic as solving a jigsaw puzzle is sure to have a great impact on your children’s problem-solving skills. The best thing about a jigsaw puzzle is that either a piece fits in or it doesn’t! This in turn pushes children to think critically to get to the right solution to accomplish a task. A simple puzzle helps children in setting multiple goals – the main goal to solve the puzzle and several other strategies on how to begin and fit in the missing pieces. A puzzle is definitely going to bring up curiosity levels and practise perseverance.


The Next time you’re reading the newspaper, do flip to the page with the ‘Daily Sudoku’ and introduce your children to this mind-bending activity (learn to play Sudoku). In a technology-driven world, take your children through the traditional means of gaining knowledge by reading newspapers and of course, solving one sudoku a day!. Sudoku puzzles are also known to improve abstract reasoning among children and improve their IQ levels. You can also find multiple sudoku apps that can be downloaded on your phones and tabs! 


A very popular game amongst children, Minecraft is a great mix of entertainment and education. This game is known to enhance problem-solving skills among children. The game boosts their creativity as they can create multiple objects, structures and tools using just blocks and their imagination. Problem-solving is another skill children learn through this game by finding ways to tackle and go past the ‘survival mode’; a popular feature of the game. The game builds up in complexity based on skill level, so there’s always something new to learn, keeping your child engaged.

Board Games and other online educational games are a great way to make children learn some important life skills. These are skills that will help them tackle obstacles in life. From vocabulary building to boosting brain power, to exploration and problem-solving skills, there is so much that children can learn through simple games and activities. So unplug and unwind with your children by trying out these games and discover your child’s abilities.

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